Google in Māori

With great disbelief and frustration, I read the following article ( which also appears on Stuff about a husband and wife team whom have either mislead the NZ Herald reporter or whom have been miss interpreted by the NZ Herald reporter. Anyone in the world can and has been doing for several years, register at the sign in page of Google and translate Google into […]

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Macrons in Domain Names

Writing a macron in a domain name is possible in several existing domain names including .com . An example is one of my own domain names www.mā . Yes, the macron is supposed to be there.Currently it is not possible in .nz . Domains that allow a non English character to be used are referred to as “International Domain Name (IDN). 18 months ago i […]

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.nz bilingual Domain Name System

We live in a country with two official spoken languages. Our country is known by both its English and Māori names. Aotearoa/New Zealand. Our national mountains are known by their bilingual names. “Aoraki/Mt Cook”, Taranaki/Mt Egmont” and the list goes on. NZ has bilingual sign posts, government departments, schools, early childhood facilities and much more that shows we are a bilingual country. Anyone can appear […]

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