Music Industry

Again i profess to not downloading illegal copies of music. This year i have heard two ridiculous proposals to stop illegal downloads of music. The first is to prosecute ISP’s for allowing their customers to download music, hence, putting the emphasis on ISP’s to cease their customers practice of downloading music. I envisage this would be a legal and a technical nightmare, all for the […]

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Domain tasting

The ICANN board has agreed to charge a full fee for newly registered com, .net, .org, .info, .name, .pro, and .biz domains, ending the 5 day grace period that domain tasters utilised. I see this will dramatically decrease domain tasting but not cease the practice all together. We will just see smarter domain registration tools being implemented to reduce the risk of domains that will […]

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First Phishng now Vhishing!!!

This is an interesting read. Not surprising though and makes me wonder what will happen next in the evolution of scams. Maybe we will have people ringing us directly once they have furbished our personal information form phishing or social engineering.

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Kimi Māori search engine

I am working on a beta project called Kimi. It is a Māori search engine that searches only web pages that are about or written in Māori. If anyone wants to volunteer please contact me via my web site . Kimi uses Google customised search engines as the main system. So if Google recognises it, Kimi will. Why a Māori search engine when […]

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typo squatting

I am amazed at how many .nz addresses have been typo squatted. Using a different keyboard for the past 2 days which has a “l” and “h” keys that stick. Whilst on the Internet i have seen copious typo squatted addresses in the .nz domain. This surprises me as we have a Disputes service for .nz domains. Without further investigation i contemplate how many ,nz […]

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