Skype Māori

It is pleasing to see the plethora of mainstream software either being translated into various languages, or at least the option to translate the product yourself. On Thursday i begun translating or localizing Skype into Māori. This will join other popular software that is available or will currently be available in Māori language including: Open Office and Mozilla are being translated over at is […]

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Alternative Domain Name System

During the Paris meeting ICANN agreed to open up the creation of new TLD’s. I now find myself contemplating what if ICANN did not agree to this ?. I personally know of a many non speaking groups who were creating an Alternative Domain Name System that would cater to their linguistic and cultural needs. Sure, it is nothing new, many have implemented alt DNS’s over […]

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Kia ora Yahoo/Xtra

OMG, i just logged into my Yahoo email account, which i always use the English language when using the service. In fact i have never used the words “Kia ora”. But tonight i noticed the greeting said “Kia ora (my username)” when i logged in at the site. Does this happen for all Yahoo email accounts accessed from a NZ IP address, or is […]

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Fundamentall change to Internet

At the ICANN meeting in Paris, ICANN agreed to the most fundamentally largest change on the Internet since its inception over 40 years ago. ICANN in 2009 will accept the creation of new gTLD’s. The decision has created a lot of debate and speculation that large corporations will simply use their money and power to essentially further their branding by having their own gTLD’s such […]

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