.cym TLD for the Welsh

Earlier this week i read this article from Computer Weekly regarding the proposal to create a TLD .cym for the Welsh people. To summarise, the Welsh government have voted to support the creation of a new TLD .cym to identify the Welsh population and to create further financial pathways and a safer Internet for its Internet users. As most of you will know, i am […]

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Asian Emoticons

As a result of networking and making new friends from the Thailand conference, i have had to learn about Asia emoticons. Here is a list of what i have learnt so far. I am interested in any new additions and corrections ^_^ . I am now curious as to what the graphical representation looks like and for which programs it works in. ^_^ or ^-^ […]

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I spent a week at the Asian Institute of Technology in Thailand at the Asia Pacifc Network Group conference on a full fellowship. The APNG camp consisted of 100 young current and upcoming Internet leaders from 25 countires within the AP region. We all presented on various topics ranging from data analysis of packets to using the Internet to find victims of natural disasters. I […]

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Getting Creative with Domain Names

The United Arab Emirates went live with their new Top Level Domain-TLD (Internet Name suffix such as .nz) .ae on August 03 2008. This refreshed my memory of the many opportunities Māori have to be creative when obtaining a web site address. We do not have to stick within the .nz space, not do we have to use a .com, .net or a .org. There […]

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Google Street View

I have yet to read any information on Google Street View from an indigenous point of view. What is stopping Google Street View from filming past a whai tapu, urupa, marae et. Nothing that i am aware of. I can also imagine there will be a lot of issues when images of Ta Moko from the body being placed on Google Street View and issues […]

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1O Year Predictions and Vision for Maori in ICT

After almost a decade after being interviewed by Ariana Tikao on my 10 year vision of Māori and ICT, I have written a new one and welcome any feedback and critiques. 1. Localisation partnerships As a result of many non English speaking countries beginning to demand that they be able to use their own language to communicate, to interact with online systems and the increasingly […]

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