Domain name registration oversights

According to this article Slingshot let a business critical domain name expire causing phone issues for their iTalk service. How on earth did a large and respectful company such as SlingShot miss a renewal on a domain name which resulted in critical business services being lost?.  A former staff member registered the domain name using his own email address. This high profile case brings the issue into […]

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Regional allocations

As the recently appointed Chairman of the ICANN APRALO i have the opportunity to lead an organisation during a time of much public consultation and change. One of the exciting consultations is the geographic regions policy. It seems to me that for years we have debated about having the AP region and its value. Two of the more popular suggestions have been to propose – […]

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Google Chrome

Google have released thier own web browser. It is called Google Chrome. I am writing this blog using Google chrome as my browser. For the last few days the interntional media have been busy discussing Google Chrome and reviewing it. So i will just make a quick observation that i find it visually appealing with its modern looks. In good old Google style there is […]

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Future of Email

How long is email going to be a valid form of communication. Sure, we know that statistically Gen M prefer to use IM, SMS and social networks to keep in contact but increasingly my professional colleagues are choosing to use IM as opposed to email. At a recent meeting I was exchanging my contact details with a colleague who looked at my card and said, […]

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