Inovative Business Card

In a previous post  i discussed my opinion about business cards and their limited use in today’s society. Then i looked at this idea for a business card  and see some real benefits for people who do not have common names such as John Smith, a name of a famous person or if your personal site is not well ranked in Google. Perhaps a […]

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NZ could face a major change in Social Network usage.

New Zealand could see a major shift in social network usage and email providers now that Bebo offers Instant Messenger, email integration and LifeStream. Bebo is the choice of social network for NZ Youth, Māori and Polynesian communities. Likewise HotMail and MSN Instant messenger are currently the preferred choice of email/IM for this audience. Moreover this audience is likely to use public computers or share […]

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Domain name stats and speculation of introduction to IDN

At the end of 2008, there were 177 million registered TLD domain names. Of the 240 cc TLDs there were 71.1 million registrations with 65% of them from only 10 ccTLDs according to Verisign.  Of the top ten ccTLDs .cn, .de, .uk, .nl, .eu, .ar, .it, .ar, .br, .us and .au only 3 of the cc TLDs are predominantly non English speaking/writing countries. With the […]

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Keep private social media private and professional public

While social Media Guru Mashable suggest using FriendFeed and Twitter widgets to keep your blog pages active We all need to exercise some caution when doing this. It is common for professionals to utlilise Social Media and various Web 2.0 technologies as a way of marketing themselves and to keep in contact with their networks. Often it is only professional information and selected personal information […]

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The power of passive online activism.

After wide spread protest over FaceBook’s new Terms of Use claiming perpetual ownership of all information you place on, they have reverted their Terms of use as can be seen in their latest updated below. In a recent Mashable poll  56% of users were unhappy with the new Terms of Use. Now if our politicians would pay the same attention to the online protest to […]

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Singapore uses play on Māori word kia ora

Singapore telecommunications company name their peer to peer mobile service kiora – a play on the Māori word – Kia ora. Initially I read about this at (which is a great new blog I just came across on Twitter) which made me think about the issue of international companies using Māori culture and words.  Media release here The kiora web site here […]

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Māori language and Web 2.0

Although I am no longer involved with promotion of the Māori language via technology it is one of those things where the brain still has new ideas. One of them was to use Māori language in all social media for a day. Today in Twitter from @keoladonaghy  I received this link for the Hawaiian language. Not as comprehensive as I would suggest for NZ Māori, […]

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Japan alternative method to domain names

Another example of why i am not certain the domain names will be in such heavy demand in the future.  According to this article, in Japan advertisers do not advertise thier domain name just the words to search the Internet for. It certainly contradicts the online marketing and branding strategies that we use in the western world.  If this Japanese trend flows out to the […]

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Dot Indigi campaign gone public

Last year the Internatioanl Indigenous Task Force appointed me as the Leader of thier new initiative to create a new general Top Level  Domain Name .indigi . .indigi is a self governing generic Top Level Domain Name for the international Indigenous Peoples population to participate in their own self governing domain name. Although the original plan was to begin the promotion of the campaign today, […]

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No Internet – What happended to the world

It is 2009 and i am in a well-developed town in the North Island with a large education institute. I am staying at a reasonably nice Hotel with Sky TV – but with one catch – there is no Internet access in the room.  Of course you can plug the phone line in and be charged 15 cents a minute. But oh my gosh!. Give […]

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