Macrons on the iPhone

To create macrons on the iPhone simply add the Latvian Keyboard to your default keyboard. Latvian has macrons as part of their character set. You then need to hold the vowel key down for a few seconds and select the macron vowel of your choice. All the macron vowels appear at the end of the line of the vowels except for the u which is […]

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.radio gTLD

Yet another new gTLD application .radio is seeking support. According to their site – “.Radio is the New Generic Top Level Domain for the On Air – Online Community. The .radio gTLD will provide an unparalleled branding opportunity worldwide for the Radio, Broadcasting, Streaming, Multimedia, Music and Social Network communities. dotRadio is Built for Sound!” Personally i see this as a worthwhile gTLD. There […]

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Page Squatting

Page squatting or Cyber Squatting also with sellable ads for sale are becoming popular in FaceBook and Twitter.

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macrons on iPhone

I am investigating how to create macrons the iPhone.  I must admit to feeling like i have gone back 13 and more years in my career to the days when i worked on macron technology for web sites and the PC. Thankfully a task that is now simple and requires little cognition. Like the old days ASCII Umlauts are available by default on the iPhone but not […]

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NZ-Aus Social Media statistics

New Zealand and Australia statistics of FaeBook.

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International web site accessibility

Some countries restrict access to popular web sites. Knowing in advance will save you embarrassment and save you time.

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Wide Spread organisation names owned by third parties

Organisation and Brand names are widely being registered by third parties.

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Organisations are vulnerable to ID and Brand theft

The increase in social media use also means an increase in your organisation name and brands being registered by others including your competition leaving you without a Social Media ID.

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40 hour famine from technology

As many of my New Zealand Readers will remember, as children we were often invited to participate in the 40 Hour famine – to raise money for the starving people in Africa. I am sure most of us done it at least once. Schools would have competitions as to who could raise the most money. Today i was informed that as opposed to the old […]

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Know what people are saying about you

Impersonations in social media is on the rise and customer feedback and loyality are often discussed online. Public figures and organisations need to know what is being said about them and thier products.

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