Why do we need a new Māori Dictionary

It may appear that this Papakupu project has arisen out of nowhere, but the truth is that the original idea began over 16 years ago as a budding young IT probie. I was the architect and builder of Te Reo Tupu Māori dictionary (now known as Reo Tupu). Many said Te Reo Tupu is and was an invaluable tool, the team and I thought it […]

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Is it only the rich who can afford to learn Māori?

There are many published Māori Dictionaries, some general and others specialised that much tax payers money is consumed funding the creation of multiple resources of which many have major cross over in terms of words and definitions. The Papakupu project has referenced over 200 various dictionaries and glossaries. The Canterbury Public Library online book catalog search lists over 80 dictionaries and is missing many of […]

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