Te Maori News

Social Media compiled and un-edited news and updates about Māori. Ideal for if you are too busy to be on Twitter all day, or if your other news source is irregular, then this is the news for you. Automatically compiled on tweets about Māori and updated once a day this is the only way to get a newspaper style look and feel of the latest […]

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New domain name and no web site yet ?

Once you have registered a new domain name, often the company you made the purchase from will place their own advertising on the landing page, until you upload a web page or site. If you have only made the purchase for your own email, many companies still leave their advertising there. With email being popular to brand organisations, it is common for a person to […]

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Maori initiatives in the Mobile phone industry

It has been a busy past two weeks with major Māori initiatives and developments by New Zealand telcos and associated parties. This is a summary of those initiatives with an explanation of who the Māori groups are. 2 Degrees 2Degrees Mobile announced a Te Reo Maori smart phone, the IDEOS X3 , while at the Te Huarahi Tika Trust annual general meeting in Auckland. While I am somewhat sceptical […]

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Smartphone in Maori language

2 Degrees yesterday announced  the release of an Android phone with Māori menus. They did not mention that they have in fact blocked the development of Māori language development with smart phones for those who do not use 2Degrees and their “one” mobile phone. Android phones use an open source system to operate. Open Source means that the software is freely used and anyone can customise […]

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