Radio Spectrum – Digital Land in a new era of confiscation Part II

In 1999 RANGIAHO THERESA EVERTON (née PAURINI) took a claim to the Waitangi Tribunal on behalf of Māori arguing that the Crown did not have right to create property rights around spectrum and should not assume ownership. The Waitangi Tribunal agreed in a majority decision that Māori had fair and equitable access to the spectrum. The Crown, at the time, and since has rejected the findings, […]

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Radio Spectrum – Digital Land in a new era of confiscation

What is Spectrum The Treaty Claim Who will benefit from the Claim Groups involved Radio Spectrum is largely unheard of in our non-technical society and especially in Maori culture, despite radio spectrum being recognised as a Taonga by the Waitangi Tribunal which resulted in the New Zealand government giving Maori $5 million dollars to invest in Maori ICT participation. In turn this was used to […]

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Value of

The same issues corporates and businesses face in the online world in regards to branding and identity are also faced by Iwi. There is no difference between the commercial and Iwi groups and many other Indigenous Peoples of the world. The only exception is that Iwi have an authentic and protected area on the web with .   More about and registration here. […]

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Cyber Squatters in Indigenous Domains

I was interviewed by Radio Waatea about Cyber Squatters. You can hear the interview here or read the full article here. It really surprises me that people are still trying to hold Iwi to ransom over hijacked names when Iwi have . All the cyber squatters are doing is making more authentic for the public and valuable to Iwi. In 2002 I with Ross Himona and Te Rangikaiwhiria […]

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