Alternative Domain Name System

During the Paris meeting ICANN agreed to open up the creation of new TLD’s. I now find myself contemplating what if ICANN did not agree to this ?.

I personally know of a many non speaking groups who were creating an Alternative Domain Name System that would cater to their linguistic and cultural needs. Sure, it is nothing new, many have implemented alt DNS’s over the years but it never became a large and real threat to the stability of the Internet. They were just isolated cases of alternative DNS’s.

In my opinion, the world was on the verge of potentially the largest threat the Internet has ever contemplated. An alternative Internet that is genuinely used by the tens of thousands if not more, of users who want to use the alt Internet, but then the millions who would become exploited by black hats, systems. It would be an epidemic that could potentially take the world by surprise if a detailed execution of the alt DNS was contemplated.

The small hack is relatively simple to create an Alt DNS and would be extremely hard to stop without halting some basic functionality of every PC in the world.

Considering that the worlds largest countries including Russia and China were demanding a change to the Internet, we would be ignorant to think that an Alt DNS would not have been created.
Then all it would have taken for minority countries of non English speaking citizens and every country in the world that has been colonised, would be to simply partner up with the creators of the Alt DNS or simply duplicate the code.

The result would be a polluted Internet that would perhaps be taken into government control. Or worse on government assuming full control of the Inteternet.

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