Asian Emoticons

As a result of networking and making new friends from the Thailand conference, i have had to learn about Asia emoticons. Here is a list of what i have learnt so far. I am interested in any new additions and corrections ^_^ .

I am now curious as to what the graphical representation looks like and for which programs it works in.

^_^ or ^-^ smile.
`_^ wink.
^_~ wink.
>_<> sad.
^o^ happy.
(^o^)/ very excited and raising hands.
-_- annoyance, sleeping.
~_~ annoyance, sleeping.
=_= annoyance, sleeping.
(-.-)zzZ sleeping.
¬_¬ eyeing something or someone, rolling one’s eyes.
<_ <>_> skepticism, looking around suspiciously.
;_; crying.
T_T crying.
@_@ dazed.
o_O confused, surprise, disbelief.
O_O shocked.
(0_< ) flinch, nervous wink.
._. intimidated, sad, ashamed.
x_x dead, knocked out or giving up.
+_+ dead, knocked out or giving up.
n_n pleased.
u_u annoyance, sarcasm, disappointment.
9_9 rolling the eyes.
+_+ rolling the eyes.
e_e up to mischief.
o_e twitching eye.
*_* starstruck.
;o; crying loudly.
;O; crying loudly.
I_I “Huh?”.
^0^ happy
*^_^* shy, blushing, but happy
;_ ; sad, cry.
T_T crying, the tear drips.
ToT crying out loud.
¬_¬ suspicious.
‘_^ winking.
`ε´ angry, mad at.
`Λ´ very angry.
~”~ frowning upon.
0(`Λ´#)0 very angry, with the hands waving, and seeing the veins.
`ω´# still angry, but more like lover type anger.
^_^ sweating.
~.~ sweating, relief.
f^_^ sweating, with the handkerchief on the right side.
*_* blur, surprised.
?_? what?.
m(~ ~)m am truly very sorry (bowing 90 degree).
~.~ zzZ sleepy.
v(^_^)v victory!.
ρ . – sleepy, with one hand rubbing the eye.

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