August 2011 Māori and Iwi domain summary

The Domain Name Commissioner released her monthly statistics on .nz domain names for August 2011, the details and summaries are below including my commentary.

Again,  there is currently no public statistical information about International Domain Names-IDN (domains with macrons).

636 registered names with 9 renewals and 2 expired domain names. As with last month, it appears as though the expired names were for the purposes on re-selling and not for a registered web site with relevant content.

76 registered names with 2 expired names.


Summary (.mā is still the 5th most registered domain from the total of 14 .nz (2LD) domains. The most popular is, with 392,913 registrations. The least popular is .parliament with only 8 registrations.


IDN (macrons in the domain)

Despite it being over a year since the introduction of the Māori macrons in .nz doamin names, i rarely see anyone advertise the fact that their domain either has a macron or they have utilised the default .mā address that all users have.

I suspect that this is due to the technical issues with setting up a web server to handle the macron and the fact that most email clients do not recognise IDN email.

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