Automated te reo Māori translations via Google

Google recently announced its support for several minority languages to translate into and from English with Māori being one of the minority languages.

Background information from my October 15 2009 post is here.

To use the translator visit
For years a computer generated system to translate to and from te reo Māori has only been a dream and one that most people never expected to occur.

Google Translate will translate from Māori to English and English to Māori. To translate from English to Māori:

  1. On the right hand side of the screen click on the down arrow button
  2. Select “Maori”
  3. Type the English sentences into the text area
  4. Output translation will appear in the right hand of the screen.







Māori speakers required to improve translations.

The Translator is still in its infancy and does require fluent speakers to rate various translations that will be used to improve the algorithms of the system. Anyone can do this without the need to register or log in. Simply visit

The translations are mediocre and often do not have macrons, but nevertheless the system works well for an early system.


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7 responses to “Automated te reo Māori translations via Google”

  1. faith says:

    tena koe faith toku reo aroha

  2. Jason dean Wiremu says:

    I don’t know how to speak te reo, I am from Ruatoki. And I am 42, also the younges’t child. Ki Ora

  3. Sebastian says:

    Ka Mohio au pehea Te korero māori engrari hiahia au Te whakapiki Te Reno māori Kia ora

  4. kathy says:

    This is crap. I put in a simple sentence “Hello jack and raina” and the maori translation was “hello jack and a lines”
    It couldnt even give me “Kia ora Jack me raina” or something like that

  5. I know some maori but can not speak in sentances.I live in Australia miss home heaps can under stand and talk some.I went to st Peter’s maori college in the 60s and need to learn more to teach my mood can you help Kia ora

  6. Michael Haami says:

    Awesome tool good for fluent and others I recommend this for all levels kau mau ke te taonga nei

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