Backing up your web site

I am a staunch practioner of planning any in advance of any IT change over and for it to be in a methological manner to ensure there are no issues to the day to day functionality of the organisation. I am also a practioner of back ups.
On Tuesday night at about 11.30pm (NZST) i noticed my email was down. After a little investigation i noticed that the leased server was not responding to my domain requests. After a few phone calls it was revealed that the company i use in NZ who lease thier servers from overseas had not paid the bill to renew thier lease. The reason being that they were shifting all of thier accounts to an inhouse NZ server.
This is great if you inform your customers prior to any moves and also at least if the comapny can do the backup and transfer for you so it all occurs in a seemless manner without thew customer knowing. 
For 17 hours i had no emails and am still trying to address the lack of correspondence.
After changing name servers, A and MX records, email configurtions  etc for all of my domains thinking that the ad hoc solutions were finally over, i noticed that i had not reconfigured by blog which involes changing server details and re loading all the blogs. So today i hope that everything is copleted.
I am continually meeting new professionals and associating with new groups. Although this is my personal web space, it is also the place that professional coleauges current and potential and associates become aquainted with me and contact me. Many check my crudentials and visit my LinkedIn and FaceBook pages from this site. But till this week, i had never thought of this site as an essential business tool for my career and work. 


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