Cyber Tangi – A need to better utilise high speed Internet

My controversial thoughts about cyber tangi are below so as to raise debate/ideas and to make people think about cyber tangi, or to at least respect the rights of any whanau who want a cyber tangi.   When my children’s mum from Taranaki suddenly and unexpectedly passed away almost three years ago at the age of 34, there was little time to let her immediate […]

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Te Reo Maori gate keepers for the future or for the cemetery

Reo has to evolve or it will die, and it cannot be controlled by a small team; it has to be community driven. Gate keepers of the Māori language only hinder and halt its evolution. We live in an Information Technology driven society that needs Maori language to adapt. I have documented my personal thoughts on the status of te reo Māori in 2012 and […]

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Dot Maori Internet suffix

Archived from August 12 2012 .maori is a possible Internet address suffix that is being discussed by groups of Māori and non Māori. This is a summary of findings from thefeasibility reportI wrote. .maori will not provide any benefit to Māori and will likely be more detrimental to the increasing Māori presence on the Internet. The introduction of the new strings will see the internet […]

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A recommendation for an updated New Zealand and Māori Predictive TXT database.

Using word frequency lists including: a Māori predictive text list, lists of common Māori words in New Zealand English and common Māori words used in Māori. I discuss and analyse which words would be most beneficial in a Māori predictive text database for Māori and introduce the need to update New Zealand English databases used for predictive texting and spell checking. Māori are higher users […]

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Māori online content to be archived without permission or consultation

The National Library is archiving New Zealand web sites without your permission and with little or no consultation with Maori? The project is called New Zealand Web Harvest 2010. It is now seeking comments on past issues that have been raised by mainly the technical community. I see no Maori concerns or consideration. Web Harvest is a National Library of New Zealand project to archive […]

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1O Year Predictions and Vision for Maori in ICT

After almost a decade after being interviewed by Ariana Tikao on my 10 year vision of Māori and ICT, I have written a new one and welcome any feedback and critiques. 1. Localisation partnerships As a result of many non English speaking countries beginning to demand that they be able to use their own language to communicate, to interact with online systems and the increasingly […]

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13 Years of Māori Language integration into software and the Internet.

13 years ago when i started out in the ICT industry there were no Māori software products, writing a macron was impossible, and as hard as this is to believe now, only two Māori web sites existed. There was no nor and no corpus of Māori computer terminology, not even for the word computer or Internet existed in the Māori language. Writing a […]

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