Indigenous Domains not effected by new .nz domains

Latest .nz statistics today show little change with Indigenous Domain names despite registrations being made directly at .nz and the new and .kiwi domains. Stats for March 2015 = 1059 registered domains with 126 renewals with 19 cancellations (in line with previous months) and 17 new registrations. = 87 registered domains with 19 renewals and 3 new registrations. .nz (direct registrations)  79,391 registrations […]

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Macrons available in web address

A recent collaboration between GodZone Internet Services a domain name company and myself as the moderator will ensure that Iwi can now register their web addresses and names with macrons within the exclusive address. For example ngā is now a feasible web address. Despite such technology being available for the past 3 years, this is the first time Iwi can choose to use […]

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Value of

The same issues corporates and businesses face in the online world in regards to branding and identity are also faced by Iwi. There is no difference between the commercial and Iwi groups and many other Indigenous Peoples of the world. The only exception is that Iwi have an authentic and protected area on the web with .   More about and registration here. […]

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Cyber Squatters in Indigenous Domains

I was interviewed by Radio Waatea about Cyber Squatters. You can hear the interview here or read the full article here. It really surprises me that people are still trying to hold Iwi to ransom over hijacked names when Iwi have . All the cyber squatters are doing is making more authentic for the public and valuable to Iwi. In 2002 I with Ross Himona and Te Rangikaiwhiria […]

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Archived from August 13 2012  is arguably the world’s first indigenous domain name.InternetNZin 2001 made theclaimthat was the first Indigenous domain name, this despite the fact that had existed since 1995 and was created by InternetNZ. It is likely that , the domains for Native Sovereign Nations of America were created first and then InternetNZ followed suit. I am investigating this with the pioneers of the domain. […]

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dot kiwi nz launches with new Maori cybersquatting

Archived from September 10 21012 was launched at 10am this morning in an effort to gain at least 500 registrations within a month so that the domain could be a permanent domain. Within one hour 1000 registrations occurred. Already I have noticed a dozen cyber-squatted Māori names. If you have not already done so, I would suggest you register your organisation, Marae and other taonga names asap. Remember […]

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New web domains in NZ: Will they help or hinder Māori and Iwi?

The New Zealand governing body of .nz domain names has released a new public consultation to discuss changing the way .nz web addresses look. As opposed to ,,, etc., the proposal calls for a simple .nz address. This will have a number of positive impacts (if managed correctly early in the process) for many stakeholders in the .nz domain name space and […]

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Iwi implications of

As the moderator, I publically opposed the application. The main reason was that I believe it would force Iwi to register their current domain names in .kiwi. to protect Iwi on-line identity. It is a common practice for unscrupulous people to register names that are similar to genuine names that may be spelt incorrectly or that at a quick glance will appear to be […]

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The Domain Name Commissioner released her monthly statistics on .nz domain names for December 2012. The details and summaries are below including my commentary. / mā 663 registered names in December 2011 compared to 621 in December 2010. There were 82 renewals, 8 new registrations for December 2011 with 12 new registrations and 97 renewals in December 2010. This is a small steady increase with […]

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September 2011 Māori and Iwi domain summary

The Domain Name Commissioner released her monthly statistics on .nz domain names for September 2011, the details and summaries are below including my commentary. / mā 642 registered names with 118 renewals, 15 new registrations 76 registered names with 17 renewals and no new registrations. Summary / .mā is still the 5th most registered domain from the total of 14 […]

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