.co domain name to be released

A new domain name is to be released in April 26 2010 – .co the Colombian TLD. It is already being touted as the alternative to .com. With mobile technologies being the norm and the constant need for smaller URL’s the .co could possibly be the alternative to .com for the mobile market.
I envisage that it will also be popular in New Zealand for both desktop and mobile Web. Since early 2000 there was always a key group in the New Zealand Internet Community who opposed the 2LD hierarchy of .nz . In their opinion the .nz should be flat, ie no 2LD’s. While this group had a chance to have their views considered during a review, there was not enough feedback to support any further action.
I am guessing that this group will now opt to move their .nz domains to the .co domain and possibly keep their current .nz domain as a forwarder to the .co domain.
For Indigenous groups, this is a new opportunity to claim a unique space on the Internet. If .co will be as popular as is being speculated, then this is a fresh start to claim Indigenous names in the .co and start a new presence.
The .co will be released in three stages with the first for TradeMark owners and organisations. I assume Indigenous groups will fit this category.
I understand that only the following companies can register .co . The names are in alphabetical order for convenience and in no way reflect any preference of my own.
  • Dotster
  • Enom
  • GoDaddy.com
  • InterNetX
  • Melbourne IT
  • Mi.com
  • Network Solutions
  • OpenSRS
  • Register.com

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