Cultural representation on the Internet

.lat for Latino’s is being discussed in preparation for the ICANN board to consider next year.

Personally i think this is a fantastic idea. If successful, it will join; .cat (Catalans), .cym (Welsh language speakers) .asia (Asia) and .scots if successful.

For the first time we are seeing a global mindset change that the Internet is not best being geographically assigned up, but culturally and geographically.

Will we see a .maori ?. Over the years i have been involved in this discussion and planning. At that time there was no precedents to follow. Now, my opinion is that it would not be financially viable.

As a cultural group who descend from the Pacific, that we should consider a Pacific GTLD that is representative of all cultures in the Pacific. It would not be that hard to decide a name, considering our languages share copious words.

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