Cyber Squatters in Indigenous Domains

I was interviewed by Radio Waatea about Cyber Squatters. You can hear the interview here or read the full article here.

It really surprises me that people are still trying to hold Iwi to ransom over hijacked names when Iwi have . All the cyber squatters are doing is making more authentic for the public and valuable to Iwi. In 2002 I with Ross Himona and Te Rangikaiwhiria exposed a businessman who bulk registered Iwi and Maori names at the launch of After the public exposure he offered them all back at no cost.

It is disappointing to see two racist domains having been registered and Google, Microsoft and Yahoo names registered in . Nevertheless, I quick email to these companies who referred it on to their legal department.

The Domain Name Commissioner has a dispute resolution service which the first step is free to address the most obvious hijacked domain name issues.

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