Dealing with “hate” based – FaceBook groups

Some content may offend.
Just today was made aware of a New Zealand based racist FaceBook group called “fuck i HATE dirty black MAORI’S” with a group description “this is a group that is devoted to the pure hatred of those dirty shitskined white girl bashing prison-monkeys otherwise known as Maoris”.

Firstly it is sad that people are so intellectually challenged that they think that a whole race of people all look the same, don’t inter-marry and all have the same personal traits. It is even sadder that such people need to vent their anger in such an offensive manner using such diatribe that is offensive to many.

If you get angry and upset with such groups I would suggest that you do not. This will make the people filled with such hatred more happier.

Here are my two solutions. These solutions can be used as a passive form of activism against any hate groups online.

Solution 1.

FaceBook groups and various other social media sites have a “Report” facility. Report the group, images and posts. Then look at the profiles of the creators and report any of offensive images and hate text on their profiles. Make sure you ask all of your network to do the same. This will result in your complaint being escalated at FaceBook. The end result should be that the group is will likely be deleted and the creators personal profile will also be at risk.

Solution 2

Join the group and encourage your network to do the same. Be nice and debate with them. There will always be those that will also use profanity and get angry in retaliation but it will be an invasion of the “hate space” and will quickly dilute the hatred. Add images and other materials that promote kindness and love of the topic “Hate Group” topic.


2 responses to “Dealing with “hate” based – FaceBook groups”

  1. Karaitiana says:

    The group was deleted within just over 24 hours of this post.
    "to whom this may concern -to do with the group i hate Maori we as a group are sincerely sorry about what has been said on this FB page.We accept that the comments may have upset some, if not all people with with what has been said .And we apologize and we have thought deeply,about this event and its effects on all the … See Morepeople that have commented and written on this page. We are sorry and assure you that it will not happen again and this group has been erased. sincere apologies fromme the creator the admin/moderators and all members of the group which have been involved in the racist and immature comments that have been posted. "

  2. JoJo says:

    I think the best solution is #1 (report them and get them closed down). Regarding solution #2, you can't have a logical debate with people who are psychotic/insane (I mean that in the literal sense), which they are. It's a waste of time and will just piss you off. Plus, it's giving THEM what THEY want — to engage you in their crap. Best to completely not respond to any of their communications, and just get them shut down. Let them rot in hell somewhere else.

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