Evolving English Language

I recently read an article stating that linguists believe the English language will evolve to an apex that we as English speakers today will not be able to understand English speakers in 10 to 30 years time. The reason for the dramatic evolution is txt’ing, email, and the growing number of new English speakers as a second language with their mispronunciation and our obsessive need to abbreviate.

Normally historians and linguists will read letters and published materials to ascertain how a generation thought and spoke – WWII love letters are a perfect example for us to gain an insight into how our soldiers were feeling.

The issue now is how do historians and linguists of the future capture such written material in the future ?. We all delete emails, destroy floppy disks and CD/DVD’s and wipe our flash disks. Technology evolves so quickly making many of our purchases redundant and at the same our communications.

The Power House Museum in Sydney is a Science and Technology Museum. It is asking Australian citizens to participate in their new archival project “Email Australia“. A project that archives emails from ordinary Australian citizens.

Personally i think this would be fascinating to read in 30 years time and hope blogs and the like are also archived.

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