FaceBook vanity URL’s

It has been a number of months since FaceBook released vanity URL’s (your name in the URL) for personal pages and then to Groups and Fan Pages. An example is our FaceBook Fan Page at http://www.facebook.com/NetMania .

Initially a FanPage or group required 1000 members or fans to be eligible for a vanity URL.

Sometime later FaceBook publicly announced that it had reduced the limit to 100 users. Both requirements caused many small organisations to cry out and ask for the requirements to be reduced.

FaceBook without any major publicity announcements changed the criteria to a minimum of 25 members or fans thus creating new opportunities for millions of Fan Pages and groups.

Now many admins and would be creators of groups and Fan Pages are asking how to obtain their new vanity URL.

Simply log into FaceBook and then visit http://www.faceBook.com/username or as we mentioned in our earlier post http://fb.me/username .

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