FaceBook – your name in the link

FaceBook will release Vanity url’s ie a FaceBook address with your option of a name in it such as http:/www.facebook.com/JohnSmith as opposed to the current system of un memorable names. Release date is Saturday 13th at 4.01pm.  Countdown clock here http://www.facebook.com/username/


Users can choose a name for their profile and Fan Pages (If you have 1,000 fans before May 31). For individuals and companies who have common names you should be ready at 4pm to register your names before some one else does. The consequences are significant if you miss your prime name as eventually vanity URL names will become the normal way to find companies and individuals on FaceBook. If you miss your company name then your competitors will be gaining your traffic and visitors.

Your vanity url should be the same as your organiastion domain name to avoid future confusion with your customers.

For individuals you should consider future employment prospects will be able to find you more easily so you should use a name that you will still be happy with in the future.


FaceBook have made names non transferable. This means you get one chance at your vanity url name and removes much of the motivation of cyber squatters to bulk register and resell names at a later date.


FaceBook vanity URL’s are now in line with Bebo, My Space and the many other social networks who already offer vanity URL’s.


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