Word Press default url shortner

By default WordPress hosted sites offer a unique url shortner service allowing you to offer shortend URL’s for those long and often hard to remember Blog URL’s. This means that if your blog is hosted at with a url such as (live example at this link).

The service is by default in all of your blog postings. If you already have a large amount of Blogs that you would like to access via the URL simply follow the instructions below to find what your url is.

To access the service you will need to do the following:
1. Exisitng blog posts
(a) Edit your blog and click on the “Get Shortlink” button.

2. New Blog Posts
Upon writing your blog post click the “Get Shortlink” button.

Considering this is a built in feature of WordPress it should be available for as long as WordPress is available. Thus making it more reliable and stable than the other URL shortening services that offer no guarantees of thier exisitence such as announced last week that they were to stop their free services effecting millions of links.

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