Indigenous Domains not effected by new .nz domains

Latest .nz statistics today show little change with Indigenous Domain names despite registrations being made directly at .nz and the new and .kiwi domains.

Stats for March 2015 = 1059 registered domains with 126 renewals with 19 cancellations (in line with previous months) and 17 new registrations. = 87 registered domains with 19 renewals and 3 new registrations.

.nz (direct registrations)  79,391 registrations with 27,778 renewals.


As i had forecast, the introduction of and the .nz domain name space being opened up are having a serious impact on domain names with 9675 domain name cancellations last month, yet little to no impact on Indigenous Domains.

There was a real risk that, .kiwi and being able to register directly at .nz could have made the Indigenous suffixes redundant. But this appears to show that the need for Indigenous identity is still strong and reinforces the original proposition for that no other domain name is suitable for Māori..

In total there are 606,634 .nz domain name registrations which results in less than 0.182% of domain names having an Indigenous suffix.

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