Māori Internet Activism on the Internet

For over 14 years up till 2017 Maori fought for the right to be represented in the New Zealand Internet Domain Name System. A simple right that most people took for granted.

Firstly in 1993 when Iwi wanted to be fairly represented on the Internet and then the threat to have iwi.nz put on hold, in 1997 when Kohanga Reo could not use a multiple of domain names  such as .ac.nz or .org.nz, in 2002 several atempts for .maori.nz to be created and then up to 2017 for the rights for Maori language to be used with macrons and for the Maori Language Act and Treaty to be recognised were all battles Maori fought and for Maori to have a fair disputes process that any other organisation enjoys.

Despite some major achievments on the Internet by Maori that attracted national and international attention, these achievments have been ignored in books and articles documenting the Internet in New Zealand.

Eventually in 2016, Maori were recognised by an international company who assisted Maori for equal representation and rights that any other user has.