Alternative Māori domain options

Dissatisfied with the .nz options, there have always been other options for domain names including looking at other countries domain names and seeking a co-operative relationship, or if the domain name is open to any registrations, then simply registering in that domain, though this is not ideal for marketing and security reasons. Today we wold also argue that it is against data sovereignty.

The best option for Māori out of all of the Country Code Top Level Domain Names (CCTLD) was the .ao domain name from Angolia. There was discussion about contacting the Angolia government about a partnership but his never occurred due to a number of reasons including time, developments in the world of domain names and the hope that .nz would consider Māori.

There was also a discussion and then implementation of an alternative Domain Name System designed by a member of the New Zealand Māori Internet Society for use by Māori. The system essentially piggy backed on the current Internet and used a custom Domain Name System that Māori could have designed to be fully equal to a bilingual version of the current .nz domain name system. It was decided the technical implementation and various other risks and hassle would be too great for the majority of users. Interestingly the world now has the so called “Dark Net” which is very popular alt dns.

Discussion also happened around registering a legit domain name and then either:

(a) Creating sub domains to reflect Māori society such as iwi, marae etc. that would create a whole new Māori Domain Name System

(b) Use a domain name that could be used as a URL shortener service that produces Māori Language specific domain names.

The list below is a list of the obvious domain names that are Māori language and society friendly.

.ai , .ae ,.ai , .am , .ao , .au , .co , .fm , .ie , .io , .ke , .ki , .ma , .me , .mo , .mu , .na , .ng , .ne , .pa , .re , .ro , .ru , .ru , .to , .tv, .mobi, .tv and .biz .


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