iwi.nz was the first Indigenous Domain Name in New Zealand Aotearoa and the second in the world. nsn-gov being the worlds first Indigenous Domain Name.

iwi.nz is a moderated domain that presently allows for any traditional Māori tribe, hapu, or Taurahere group to register the domain.

The domain name iwi.nz has a detailed moderation policy that offeres Iwi online protection. The domain name is available via two authorised registrars as specified in the .iwi.nz policy.

Over the past 23 years iwi.nz domain has faced the threat of having new registrations being suspended as there was no one available to manage the domain through moderation. InternetNZ wrote the then Minister of Māori Affairs Mr Tau Henare seeking support to find a moderator or that iwi.nz would face being suspended.

Even at one time it was thought by InternetNZ that .iwi.nz would suffice to be used for Māori representation and as a reason to not support .maori.nz. At some stage it was made clear to InternetNZ that iwi and Māori were two different groups, Iwi being a collective of people based on genealogy or whakapapa and Māori for individuals, groups and anyone who wanted to promote or identify as Māori.

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