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Official .iwi.nz Criteria

.iwi.nz Criteria
Register a .iwi.nz domain
Macrons in .iwi.nz



Criterion 1. You must be a traditional Māori tribe, Hapū that belongs to a traditional Māori Iwi or taura here Iwi group operating with the permission of the main Iwi.

Criterion 2. You must be a legal body.

Criterion 3. Only genuine Māori names will be allowed in the domain pursuant to the following:
(a) If an Iwi is known by an abbreviation then they shall be accepted with their abbreviation as their iwi name.
Note: Tribal project names and tribal owned companies will not be accepted in iwi.nz.

Criterion 4.  A Mandated Iwi Organisation as described in the Māori Fisheries Act (MIO), pursuant to Criterion 3.

1. Multiple .iwi.nz names per Iwi are permissible.
2. Tribal dialect is permissible in iwi names.
3. The use of ngāi, ngāti or other tribal suffix is applicable in the name but is optional.
4. Urban Māori groups may apply for .iwi.nz if the following is met:
(a) Must have been established for over 12 months.
(b) A legal body
(c) Must represent a reasonable proportion of urban Maori in your area.
(d) Posses a database of all members.
(e) Criteria 3 is met.


Register .iwi.nz

You may choose between the two companies below to register .iwi.nz . Please read the criteria above before registering.

Free Parking (non macrons only).

Godzone Internet Services (Macrons and non macrons).

If using FreeParking please be aware that:

When you apply for .iwi.nz domain names it makes a $0 invoice as you cannot add any product to our shopping cart without a dollar value.

If approved FreeParking then create an invoice in your account for the domain registration.

The customer can then pay this invoice by either credit card or internet banking or cheque and the domain name is registered.


Macrons in .iwi.nz

Macrons have been available to be used with all .nz web addresses for almost three years.

Technical issues can arise with macrons is web addresses such as with some email programs will not recognise non English characters and then the question of if the end user your visitors can create a macron.

It is therefore suggested to use two web addresses, one with and one without a macron domain name. This will incur a new fee for each registration.


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