māori.nz is the worlds first indigenous International Domain Name (contains a non English character) to be implemented and as of 2017 still is the only one. A complete history of macrons in .nz domain names here.

While māori is very similar to maori.nz, the domain name has a macron on the a which technically makes this an International Domain Name (IDN).

māori.nz was made available on July 26 2010. The original announcement here and the public consultations here.

The .māori.nz domain and the way it became a default for any .maori.nz registration essentially providing two domain names for the one registration giving the registrant a choice to use one or both versions was never sought by the Māori community, but was decided by the IDN Working Group (Dave Moskovitz, Karaitiana Taiuru, Sam Vilain and Nick Wallingford) that this was technically feasible and would be easier to manage than requiring two registrations per .maori.nz application. It is also the most beneficial option for the Māori community and for the .nz community.

To use the .māori.nz suffix does require some technical knowledge and changes for web servers. In 2017 it was still not possible to use IDN email addresses properly.

To allow visitors to visit a web site with the .māori.nz domain or other address with a macron, a small configuration is required on the web server to recognise the macron. Presently macrons and other non Latin characters utilize punycode and will often require a web server to have the punycode address set up as a second domain name.


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