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Kōhanga Reo Submission
Father Serafim
Mark Cubey , John Waldon
Philip Tremewan
Brenda Tahi
Hinemoana Baker.
John Waldon.
Ron Woodrow of ISPANZ
Hera White
Wiremu Kaa
Web Designers of New Zealand
InforMate Technologies Limited


Köhanga Reo Submission

Dear John,

I realise this submission is way beyond closing date but I have only just become aware of the need to make it.


To date not many Maori people outside universities, polytechs and govt depts have joined the Net. However they are now starting to join. Over the next year or so my project team plans to join up to 750 kohanga reo.


I am the director of Project Amiorangi which is building a nationwide telecommunications system for Te Kohanga Reo National Trust, to link together all our Kohanga Reo, and later to link in all Maori educational institutions up to and including tertiary. A virtual wananga.


I have recently tried to register a domain name for our Te Kohange Reo movement to be told today by Patrick O’Brien that as we are not a tertiary level institution we may not use <ac> and should use <org> because the trust which administers the movement of 750-odd kohange reo is a registered charitable trust.


On the basis that most NZ universities and polytechs have purloined the title of <Wananga> from Maori, and have wrongly applied it to the tertiary institution only, I believe I should be able to use <ac> for our movement. For the Wananga in Maori society was and is a whole-of-life institution.


His advice that if people look for us on the Net they will most likely look for us under <org> is absolute codswallop. They would most likely look under <maori> if it existed.


The domain <iwi> does not adequately describe our movement either, but I am trying for that in the meantime.


There are only ten second level domains at the moment, only one of which <iwi> is specifically Maori. Those Maori organisations for which that name is not appropriate are then forced to use a non-Maori domain. I believe the current system is inappropriate for this country which is bi-cultural, and the system certainly does not cater for the tangata whenua.


However, I realise that changes may take considerable time to bring about, so I have an immediate request. Can the second level domain <maori> be registered ASAP. It is would be a suitable generic domain name until we can together devise a more bicultural system.

Ross Himona


Project Amiorangi

Te Kohanga Reo National Trust

Father Serafim Submission

I would like to appeal against the use of as a domain name instead of I do not believe we have a right to define a domain name that is not representative of Maori. It may have been suggested by a Maori, but we should seek a collective opinion, not that of an individual or non-representative group.


Thank you for your attention

Father Serafim

A Concerned New Zealand Citizen and Author of 101 Active X Controls, IDG – to be published 1997

Mark Cubey , John Waldon

Tena koutou katoa

I wish to support the call for the immediate registration of the second level domain name, and for a review of all .nz domain names to ensure that the right of tangata whenua to define themselves in their own cultural framework is protected by the Internet Society of New Zealand.

Yours sincerely

Mark Cubey

John Waldon

Philip Tremewan

I support the immediate registration of the second level domain name, and a review of all .nz domain names to ensure that the right of tangata whenua to define themselves in their own cultural framework is protected by the Internet Society of New Zealand.

Philip Tremewan

Brenda Tahi

Kia ora John

I hereby submit the following in plea to the Internet society: the immediate registration of the second level domain name, and for a review of all .nz domain names to ensure that the right of tangata whenua to define themselves in their own cultural framework is protected by the Internet Society of New Zealand.

Kia ora ano, naku noa, na Brenda Tahi

Hinemoana Baker

Kia ora John

I write in support of the call for a second level domain name with the title ‘’ – since speaking for myself, as a Maaori writer who lives away from her rohe and who possesses an essentially urban outlook, I don’t consider myself contained in the concept of ‘’. I also believe it to be very important for us as Maaori to define how we are described WHENEVER we are described, especially when such description involves access to something as globally significant as the Internet. I therefore support a review of all .nz domain names, with this in mind.

Ngaa mihi ki a koe.

Hinemoana Baker.

John Waldon

Kia ora John,

It was a complete surprise to me that Maori should have to make a case for the establishment of an internet domain name in New Zealand.


I was in Italy and Britan last year recommending to fellow epidemiologists and public health specialists that they search NZ of Maori health issues assuming there was a Maori domain name established. Health issues of indigenous peoples has become an important topic for world wide debate and scholarship, therefore easy access to Maori literature and data will be important and contribute to the leadership role New Zealand has established.


As a Health Research Council sponsored Health Research Unit we use the internet to disemminate and collect health information. The organisation of this information on the internet is q critical factor in the suces we have in using this valued research tool.


The Internet is changing the preception many people have of the world, and the role the NZ Internet Society will play in the profile NZ has with the rest of the world will be pivotal.


The relationship between Maori and the rest of New Zealand was defined by the Treaty of Waitangi in 1840 when the rest of New Zealand (non-Maori numbered perhaps 2,000,) was a very small minority. The apparent reemergence of the Treaty of Waitangi into the conscience of New Zealand has engaged much debate and surprise (from many,) about the conytemporary relevance of the Treaty. The most authoritative interpretation came from the Royal Commission on Social Policy in 1988, were the Commission stated the Treaty was as relevant today as it was when signed, and should be included in future social policy.


You may ask what relevance this has to the NZ Internet Society, and I would suggest that the three principals of the Treaty identified by the Commission be recognised by The NZ Internet Society. The three principals are partnership, participation and protection.


I do not think you need my interpretation of how the NZ Internet Society may incorporate these principals, but the establishment of a domain name for internet groups who identify as Maori would be helpfull. Encouraging the active participation of Maori in the business of the NZ Internet Society would in many ways enrich the society.


I hope the NZ Internet Society sees the development of Maori Internet groups as a positive objectives in the development of New Zealand as a leader in world of the Internet.

I look forward to your response.

Yours faithfully,

John Waldon.

Research Officer.

Te Pumanawa Hauora

Department of Maori Studies

Massey University

P O Box 11222

Palmerston North




Submission to ISOCNZ from ISPANZ regarding new 2nd level Domains for New Zealand.

ISPANZ endorses the comments made by the WDNZ ( and adds the following points:


Changing the existing system will make ISP’s jobs more difficult trying to explain and manage our customers’ domain names, and be more expensive for everyone to administer. Second level names should be kept to an absolute minimum.


It will result in major problems and expense for all domain name holders trying to protect all possible names.


One of the main reasons the change was proposed originally was to dilute the intrinsic value of existing names. This is a poor reason for change. Reality is that almost everything in society has a value.


ISPANZ members believe there was no problem with the existing policies, and objects to everyone having to waste time over what are unnecessary and academic discussions and submissions. No ISPANZ member to our recollection has reported problems with nor suggested changes to the existing policies.


The KISS principle works well here.


ISPANZ supports the status quo


Ron Woodrow



Hera White

Kia ora John

I support the registration of the second level domain name as a generic term rather than the specific I also support wholeheartedly that Maori as tangata whenua should have the right to define for ourselves the naming and defining of our own cultural frameworks to ensure protection within the Internet Society of New Zealand.

Hera White

Head of Maori Studies


INZ is TUANZ’ special interest group for the Interactive Multimedia industry.


The Hub of INZ has requested me to make the following public submission to ISOCNZ:


Public Submission to ISOCNZ

INZ is aware of a concern amongst its members about decision making regarding the .nz space that may affect their functioning in this space.


INZ has been launched with a mission statement that promises to see to empowerment of all participants in the interactive process.


With the current debate on second level domain names comes an opportunity to democratize the decision making process in the New Zealand .nz domain of the Net.


INZ would like to see structures put in place, that guarantee the rights of all participants in the second level domains of the .nz space to have a vote on policymaking regarding their domains. INZ would strongly favour the full use of the tools of the Internet itself to achieve open , democratic debate, the formulation of questions for referenda and decisionmaking by on-line ballot.


More specifically, INZ would endorse a structure whereby all third level domain name owners would have a right to vote on all issues affecting their second level and on all policymaking regarding their own domains in the widest sense.


INZ would like to see debate starting on the formulation of a Cyber “Bill of Rights”, which would begin with guaranteeing the recognition of legal Title of Ownership to a Third level domain name and a corresponding protection of the investment made in building up the Domain and promoting it on the Net.


INZ sees the coming of Net Usage Regulation as unavoidable, but it sees the opportunity for a small democratic country to trailblaze a truly democratic structure of decision making by the net community itself, that can be an example to other jurisdictions.

Wiremu Kaa

Dear John Hine,

This is to advise you that I support the proposal to allocate a second level domain name that is being currently discussed by many Maori persons to cater for those Maori who are located in urban situations throughout the world and who are uncertain and wary about iwi affiliations. This request is requested on the basis of the need for a globally recogniseable domain that is dedicated and specific to Maori and their ethnicity, and the need to locate and identify Maori in an appropriate cultural framework that is distictly unique in a Global context.


I would urge that serious consideration to this request which was initiated by Ross Himona.

Wiremu Kaa

Web Designers of New Zealand

Submission to ISOCNZ regarding new 2nd level Domains for New Zealand


From WDNZ Web Designers of New Zealand


1/ We see no valid reasons for any new 2nd level names. If there comes a time they are needed the market should determine what they are.


2/ We feel any more 2nd level domains will devalue and dilute the importance of existing and names which will make using the internet in New Zealand more complicated. Especially if we had both .co. and .com


3/ If there are now many hundreds of thousand .com names we see no validation in any excuse of “not enough space in the domain space”.

4/ We do not see the “clashing of names” as a valid excuse for new 2nd level names. If a company called smith missed out on the 3rd level name of we see it as a much better solution to be more specific or creative at the 3rd level eg rather than confusing the internet public with more 2nd level names


5/ Decisions such as this which could directly affect the future and livelihood of all WDNZ members both now and in the future should be made with adequate consultation and OPEN meetings between related parties especially web designers , content developers and ISPs. We feel that merely asking us for a submission does not go far enough to involving the internet community and would like to see more open discussion on this and many other related issues in the near future.


WDNZ members including web designers from:



Press Online


Cybergrove NewMedia



E Central



Goldfish Design



Pearson Davis



Strategic Information Service Ltd


Vidmark Productions

WebFoot Publications


Web Workshop



InforMate Technologies Limited


We would like to add our support to WDNZ’s submission on Level 2 domain names. Although we are not a member of WDNZ we agree with their arguments in their submission.


We do not believe expansion will provide significant benefits rather (among other things) it will create confusion for web users now used to the existing level 2 structure.


My 2c worth anyway before the close off!!!


Brian Andrews

InforMate Technologies Limited


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