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The New Zealand Government has no set policy for Māori language and treaty of Waitangi obligations in its 5 moderation policies which cover more than 1100 domain names. There is also little usage of te reo Māori in domain names.

The New Zealand government manage 5 of the 6 moderated domain names in .nz space, with the remaining moderated domain being .The moderated domains are: moderated by Government Information Services, Department of Internal Affairs. moderated by Ministry of Health moderated by New Zealand Defence Force moderated by  Science New Zealand  moderated by Parliamentary Service

The New Zealand Government has honored its Treaty of Waitangi obligations by creating bilingual names for over 200 of its entities of which a number have te reo Māori strategies and firm Treaty of Waitangi strategies. Yet in the online world where the majority of New Zealanders connect to and use the Internet as a part of everyday life (Internet Service Provider Survey: 2012 Statistics New Zealand), the commitments and considerations are different.

None of the government managed domain name policies consider or recognise te reo Māori, the treaty of Waitangi or the fact that most, if not all government departments have a bilingual name as do the majority of state owned enterprises and health organisations. I am assured by the moderator (2013) that while this is true, no application will be declined for the usage of te reo Māori.

In my research of New Zealand Government Response to Te Reo Māori Email Addresses, I found that the majority of web sites would not allow a macron in an address to be used in online contact forms or by emailing the government entity directly using the published contact email.

It is common for government entities to use a range of .nz domains and in several cases a GTLD (General Top Level Domain). WINZ has the most domains registered but do not use, even not renewing when it was returned to it.

There is a clear lack of usage of the domain with only two government entities using and a clear lack of any te reo Māori in domain names.

The Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Culture and Heritage and Learning Media are the exceptions as described below.

Ministry of Justice


Kaupapature web sites are the Māori language version of “the constitution” web site. The 3rd Level has been translated but no usage of the 2LD has been implemented.

Ministry of Heritage
Use a bilingual name for both its corporate web site by using and its IDN variant manatū which take a user to the te reo Māori version on their web site.

The Ministry also use the extension for the bilingual title of another of their web sites for the web site. Though the Ministry proudly claim they use Māori keyboard and have correctly used the IDN variant in, the .mā is not configured and arrives at the Registrars parked page.

Learning Media
A state owned enterprise utilised their Māori bilingual name in a 2LD that redirected to their main site.

WINZ have been the victim of two cyber hijackings with On the first occasion (YEAR) the domain was promptly returned to WINZ and was covered in the media at the time and again in 2013 has been hijacked and used for derogatory purposes.

WINZ have 148 domain names registered in multiple domain names. It appears as though the registrations are to protect the brand, but none in domain.

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