.nz bilingual proposal

Despite the fact that the Māori Language Act provides for legal recognition of Māori Language and bilingualism,  the .nz domain name system ignores Māori language. This motivated me to seek for .nz to be made bilingual.

On August 18 2007 Karaitiana Taiuru on behalf of The New Zealand Māori Internet Society wrote an open letter to the governing bodies of .nz: IntertnetNZ and Domain Name Commissioner seeking co-operation for a bilingual domain name system in the .nz that reflected the Māori Language Act, Maori society and the Treaty.

The open letter is here.
The reply from the governing bodies was that they were not obliged to recognise the treaty of Waitangi as they were not a government department and that there was a formal process for the creation of new 2nd Level Domain Names.

This highlighted one of many Indigenous/Māori issues when dealing with a private organisation who did not respect or understand New Zealand society and was not representative of its stakeholders.

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