nz.soc.maori was the first Māori USENET group was proposed by myself, publicly voted and approved in 2002 with a public vote that closed midnight on 18 Dec 2002. nz.soc.maori joined about 29 other New Zealand groups (see below).

The original idea was to apply for nz.maori but I was advised by the key people of nz. usenet at the time Simon Lyall and David Farrar that the community would likely be more supportive of Māori being in the society category. I took their advise and the modified rationale and charter were put to the vote.

Usenet is the world’s largest collection of electronic discussions, consisting of tens of thousands of “newsgroups.” People post messages, others reply, and still others reply to those replies. Unlike chat rooms (such as those on Internet Relay Chat), newsgroup discussions aren’t conducted in real-time; you can read and respond to what others have posted anytime you like. Newsgroups can provide information, entertainment, support, and more.

Proponent: Karaitiana Taiuru
Independant Votetaker: David Farrar

Vote Results

There were 35 YES votes and 3 NO votes, for a total of 38 valid votes.
There were no abstains and 3 invalid ballots (double votes). Further details below.

Original RFD


unmoderated newsgroup nz.soc.maori

This is a formal Request For Discussion (RFD) for the creation of an unmoderated nz.soc.maori Usenet newsgroup. This is not a Call for Votes (CFV.


nz.soc.maori: Discussion of Maori related topics and issues.


The need for specific Mäori Internet facilities was made clear with The huge majority win for the creation of in September this year. Of approximately 1800 votes over 91% were in favour.

The existing Usenet groups are not suitable for in depth discussion about Mäori.

Mäori is a subset of the larger group New Zealand and arguably has many more potential sub groups that will likely be created in the near future.

Potential sub groups could include iwi, Maori language, tino rangatiratanga, rongoa, marae, hapu etc.

It is likely the group will be in existence for many years as it is for a group of people and an interest group who have existed for many years.

A Mäori Usenet group will provide a clear and comprehensive resource for the many enquiries that originate from international countries as well as from inside New Zealand.

This is not a racist request as many other cultural groups exist in Usenet .

It is envisaged that there will be adequate traffic as there are numerous scattered Mäori related email groups in existence. In Yahoogroups alone there are 69 groups, many of which are public. Groups include the Tino Rangatiratanga group which consists of over 528 members, the NZ Mäori Internet Society earlier this year was around the 1100 member mark. Both groups are common interest groups.

##Proposed Charter##

Any posts which deal with things of interest to or about Mäori are welcome and on-topic in this group. This includes discussions of local/national hui and events, international enquiries, translations from and into Mäori and English, promotion of Mäori language, news and views, Mäori initiatives, and anything else that relates to the area covered by the group.”

This is NOT a valid forum for hate posts against the groups intended audience nor is it intended for hate or inflammatory messages.

The following things are not welcome:


Chain letters, including “Make Money Fast” articles

Known hoaxes (like the “Good Times Virus”)

Articles posted as separate copies to several newsgroups (spam)

Articles excessively cross-posted

Articles containing significantly more quoted than new content

Duplicate/rapidly reposted messages

Commercial messages of any kind.


Karaitiana Taiuru karaitiana@



Voted Yes

brian.harmer        Brian Harmer

c.chapman        Claire Chapman

davejoll              Dave Joll

dgk              David King

dramatic        Richard Grevers

duncan              Duncan McCormack

f4e              Mike Ballantine

galah              Diāne Taylor

gosnell              David George

joe.brown        Joe Brown

juliannasong        Julia Aranui-Faed

j-williams        Julia Williams

karaitiana        Karaitiana Taiuru

karetuarua        V Clark

koopu.whanau        Margaret Harris

l.pope              Lynne Pope

maakanic        Mark Nicholas

mark              Mark Proffitt

moeau              Veronica Rolinson

news              Mark Harris

pete.mason        Peter Mason

phowarth        Peter Howarth

pki11              Perry King

r.sullivan        Robert Sullivan

raymcintyre        Ray McIntyre

robert.singers        Robert Singers

rosegl              Bernadette Murray

sandywalker        Sandria Walker

screngle        Sue Crengle

shelby              Shelby Macdonald

simon.drain        Simon Drain

taari              Taaringaroa Nicholas

teone              Te One Hamuera

tich              Richard Thomas

zanetteward        Zanette Ward


 Voted No


pleb              Darl Singh

rdawson        Ross Dawson

taba              Sam Wilkins



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