.iwi.nz moderation with NZMIS

Today .iwi.nz 2LD moderation was officially placed under the New Zealand Maori Internet Society by the DNC.

During the past 7 years i have been the moderator, with no official organisation to support me. It was the only moderated 2LD that was not under the control of an organiation. Now .iwi.nz joins .mil.nz , .cri.nz, .govt.nz, .parliament.nz and the recently established .bank.nz under the watchful eye of an organisation.

All the moderators organisations and moderators have been asked to sign a new moderation agreement.

As the chair of NZMIS, i will still be the moderator and status quo shall prevail.

It is a great insurance measure for all stakeholders that the moderation is under the control of an organisation.

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