.iwi.nz present and past moderation policies

Archived from August 13 2012

.iwi.nz  is arguably the world’s first indigenous domain name.InternetNZin 2001 made theclaimthat maori.nz was the first Indigenous domain name, this despite the fact that .iwi.nz had existed since 1995 and was created by InternetNZ.

It is likely that nsn.usandnsn.gov , the domains for Native Sovereign Nations of America were created first and then InternetNZ followed suit. I am investigating this with the pioneers of the domain.

.iwi.nz has undergone significant changes ever since its creation in 1995. Due to academic research and the desire for Indigenous knowledge, I have complied all of the major .iwi.nz moderation policies into one paper.

Currently there is no commentary about the changes and references to consultations. This will form a revised part of the document at a later stage.

In the meantime, anyone with an interest in the historical policies can view them either from the .iwi.nz Home Pagewww.register.iwi.nzor directly herehttp://www.taiuru.maori.nz/publicationslib/Past-and-Present-iwi-nz-Moderation-Policies.pdf

Likewise, I am available to answer any questions

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