Keep private social media private and professional public

While social Media Guru Mashable suggest using FriendFeed and Twitter widgets to keep your blog pages active

We all need to exercise some caution when doing this.

It is common for professionals to utlilise Social Media and various Web 2.0 technologies as a way of marketing themselves and to keep in contact with their networks. Often it is only professional information and selected personal information that gets put on these sites and services. But then we often have one or several of the Social media services for personal and family interaction.

The area of caution is if you have a FriendFeed account you should be cautious not to add the personal Social media services to the FriendFeed account. An example i have seen in a personal Social Media service from a highly respected indivudual is the following headline “Testing out Vodka Jelly Shots for the house warming, yep they’re good i am a little p#$$ed” (i blocked the letters out, so use your imagination).

If this were to appear in your FriendFeed being visible to potential and current employers and contracts then it could be rather detrimental.

On the more positive side, FriendFeed is a magnificent promotion tool. A single service providing all of your social media updates.


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