Know what people are saying about you

The New Zealand media reported on our politicians and Twitter. It appears as though someone has created false Twitter accounts of 4 of the Labour Party politicians without the Labour Party or the 4 individuals having any prior knowledge until Prime Minister John Keys mentioned it in Parliament by making a mockery of the Labour Party.

This highlights a need to be more aware of technology and to gain an insight into brand and personal reputation management all services Net Mania offer. Even if as an individual or an organisation you do not use social media or care much about the Internet there is a great amount of people who do use such technologies. Impersonations of public figures and brands is an increasing problem that can be managed with the right solutions. It is also worthy to contemplate interacting more with the public by using such social media.

As a society we are in the new age of customer feedback where customers will Tweet and write blogs about customer service and products that they have purchased. As an organisation your best method is to be aware of such public feedback and use it to your advantage and interact with your customers. This also gives you a chance to turn negative feedback into positive feedback.

If you are a public figure or organisation of good standing, Net Mania is able to assist your online brand management.

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