Latest updates for end of May 2010

Latest statistics:

To date the database has 247,891 entries. Roughly 140,000 headwords are unique. There is still another database of 20,000 words that are yet to be verified and included in the main database.
Words are sourced from 194 resources.

Māori English

By default, i have compiled several word lists such as Māori words in the English Language and Anglicised Māori words. The Papakupu Advisory group have sugested this list is more a topic of the New Zealand English language than the Māori Language. For this reason, this separate list will not form a part of the Papakupu. However, I will add the lists of about 2,000 examples and their references to Wikipedia next month, in the hope that the list can be updated and be a useful resource to those who have an interest in this area of language.
Focus groups.
If anyone is interested in being a part of a customer focus group for the Papakupu, please let me know. In the meantime, an online survey will be produced next month to seek your opinions of the Papakupu and what key features you would like to see.


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