Macrons in domain names

Again we are celebrating Māori Language week in 2009 – 19 years after the Web was created. The milestone for the Māori Language week is that this is the first Māori Language week that we have the ability to use macrons in domain names within the international set of domain names .com etc.

Within the .nz name space we will have the ability to use Māori macrons in domain names for Māori language week 2010. .nz has been in consultation and discussion for 3 years about this ability since the New Zealand Māori Internet Society officially wrote to the .nz governing body.

Eventually all Internet domain names will have the ability to have non English characters while some countries such as China already use their own character sets within their own country domain name .cn.

While the ability to represent macrons in domain names is still new, at the moment there is only one company in New Zealand that offer macrons in domain names – . .

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