Māori cultural ethical considerations in Digital Security

Māori cultural ethical considerations in Digital Security

A presentation given to the BSidesWLG 2017 conference on Māori cultural ethical considerations in Information Security (infosec).

The point of the presentation was to very broadly and at a high level touch on private and government infosec communities to raise awareness of tikanga Māori issues.

The presentation is available here.

BSidesWLG is a diverse and inclusive information security conference welcoming anyone and everyone interested in security and security related topics. BSides is an open platform that provides a rare opportunity to share experiences, ideas, insights, and develop longstanding relationships with others in the security community.

The 2017 conference provided approximately 550 participants with the choice of 2 tracks that covered a wide range of information security disciplines and topics!

Text and image sourced from https://www.bsides.nz


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