Arihia Bennett MNZM


  1. As I sat down to reflect on this year my initial thought was how quickly time has rushed by – is that a sign of aging, or is it that I have become so fixated on packing so many things into my life that I have created a new norm? Ngāi Tahu
  2. Do not expect the staff member to be the font of all information about Māori and tikanga. Workplace cultural intelligence from a Maori perspective.
  3. Make no assumptions about a person’s culture – one size or one approach does not fit all. Workplace cultural intelligence from a Maori perspective.
  4. Two people from the same community can have a different view on what culture means to them. Workplace cultural intelligence from a Maori perspective.
  5. Everyone has a voice, and everyone deserves the opportunity to find that voice, and to grow and develop even in the most difficult circumstances. Te Karaka Spring 2012
  6. Having talent and wisdom around me is a necessity. Te Karaka Spring 2012
  7. The first and most important step for us (TRONT) is to proudly telling the world that our papatipu rūnanga area the 18 centers of the universe.
  8. We are all doey doey.
  9. We got the puku and the heart part right, we now need to get the tinana and hinengaro part right.