Dr Rongo Herehere Wetere ONZM, FNZIM

  1. I had a view the students suffered from a confiscated land mentality. I thought they all really
    needed to have a good view of themselves, feel good about themselves, build up their self-esteem
    to turn things around. (Reference will be provided)
  2. I suddenly realised the negativity that surrounded things Māori. That was a real wake up for me and a realisation that one could not allow ignorance to rule, and that things that were good for Māori were good for everyone, and that if we had to bridge the understanding gap, that is what we would have to do (Reference will be provided)
  3. I can remember distinctly standing there by myself, the only one really advocating this line. It taught me a lesson very early on, over some twenty years ago, that if you’re going to do something you have to be very determined and not worry whether you had support or not. If you believed in what you were doing you just had to stick to your guns. (Reference will be provided)
  4. Look give me the rubbish dump and let me build there (Reference will be provided)