Eruera Tarena

  1. Culture eats structure for breakfast. (Takituu 2017)
  2. Tribal structures are poured into a container that wasn’t made for us.  (Takituu 2017)
  3. Legal factions or tribalisism? (Takituu 2017)
  4. Yesterdays solutions are today’s problems.  (Takituu 2017)
  5. I am sure that Toyota don’t sit around a board table asking “are we too Japanese”.  (Takituu 2017)
  6. There are always going to be conflicts   (Takituu 2017)
  7. Leaders need to be able to lead new generations and empower their perspectives.  (Takituu 2017)
  8. Leaders need to create safe environments for their people to ask questions of them.   (Takituu 2017)