John Tamihere

Former MP for Tamaki Makaurau 2002-2005

  1. I refused nepotism among Māori, and didn’t support the view that elders should get preferential treatment. In my view, you don’t go to the front of the queue just because of who you know or how old you are.
  2. Urbanisation is probably one of the most important social changes affecting Māori in the last century.
  3. Much of the current official favoring if iwi-isation has been driven by contemporary pressures – not least among them political and financial expediency. pg 90
  4. It is easier dealing with someone who comes from the same community, and who can genuinely understand and care about the difficulties, than it is dealing with some goody-two-shoes wearing nicer clothes than you are, wearing nicer clothes than you are, smelling of some expensive aftershave telling you what to do, and who will drive away to some better part of town at the end of the day. pg 100-101.
  5. I’m not against tribalisim – I’m against new age feudal lords who seem to have promoted their particular view of our tikanga and, as a result, have done much better than most of our people. pg 114
  6. I’m not anti Iwi, but I am opposed to the reconstructed feudal model of iwi that has become accepted as ‘traditional’, and I won’t follow anyone who falls outside this new Māori orthodoxy to be treated as second class Māori. pg 142
  7. I learned a long time ago that if you waste your time thinking about people who hate you, you play their game. pg 148
  8. The moment a Maori party seeks representation in Parliament, it is bound by the rules ans supremacy of Parliament.
  9. There is always someone out there telling you what you can and can’t do, or why you shouldn’t do it. My instinct is to always say, Why not? pg 167