Sir Dr Pita Sharples MP

Tamaki Makaurau 2005-2014

  1. If you don’t dream, you’re not alive.
  2. It stands for discipline and hard work, and it encompasses our deepest customs; it is our identity. It’s the glamour weapon, if you like, of Māori weapons. What is important is that the customs associated with the weapon, which were the way of life for my people, are preserved and available, to empower New Zealanders. (on the Taiaha)
  3. By creating success in our own initiatives we’re going to lift ourselves up
  4. We believe that we should sit down and invite who we want in the country, both on need, but also, like, our Pacific neighbors and people like that. Now, once you invite them here, you must embrace them, otherwise, what are you doing? We’ve gotta go forward as a country. (Live leaders debate, TV One, 8 Sept 2005)
  5. For this nation to thrive economically, culturally, and with a sense of social justice, Māori must be able to play a full role in all parts of society. Not only as leaders, educators, artists, business chiefs and sporting champions, but as citizens whose rights, culture and fundamental worth are valued and supported.” Pita Sharples maiden speech parliament.