Sir Graham Latimer

  1. Leadership positions in Māori society come as a result of serving the people, learning the needs of the marae, gaining experience and knowledge in Māori lore, and being accpeted and promoted by the Māori people themselves. pg 73. Graham Latimer a biography.
  2.  Mana cannot be attained by self-promotion. pg 73. Graham Latimer a biography.
  3. Just becuase I am a member of the National Party, does not mean I support National policies. One must use the best available channels to get points of views across.  pg 78. Graham Latimer a biography.
  4. Your always in the public eye, always being scrutinised. People are looking for mistakes, for flaws and they will drag you down if they can. Graham Latimer a biography.
  5. I can’t transgress because Maoridom would have to pay for it. pg 94 Graham Latimer a biography.
  6. I couldn’t claim leadership rights from a direct Māori inheritance. pg 94 Graham Latimer a biography.
  7. Māori aren’t a single group; We’re just as divided as the Pākehā world and it’s a brave politician who can definetly say what Māori want. Graham Latimer a biography.
  8. Politicians and governments have been saying one thing and doing another since the signing of the Treaty. pg 150 Graham Latimer a biography.
  9. Being disliked or criticised is part of the price you pay if you want to change things. Graham Latimer a biography.
  10. Maori hold a deep seated belief that governments, meaning the Crown, cannot be trusted because of their long record of broken promises. Therefore anyone who cooperates with them is automatically suspect, a collaborator. Graham Latimer a biography.
  11. You don’t have to be guilty of anything to be defamed. Pg 195 Graham Latimer a biography.
  12. I’ve often felt like tossing it all in – who needs this sort of abuse, aggravation? But what was it all about? Where were all these attacks coming from? Mostly from people who knew nothing about what I was trying to do, who wanted the Treaty scrapped, wanted all Māori nonsense about grievances to go away. Pg 183 Graham Latimer a biography.