Sir Mason Durie

  1. Māori academics have two major challenges: to be great academics judged by worldwide standards, and to be relevant to Māori. (2015). Kātene, Selwyn. Fire that Kindles Hearts. Steele Roberts Publishers.
  2. The wealth of an Iwi is by itself a reliable measure of a well Iwi. (Te Riorito 2017)
  3. A beautiful marae is not the sole determinant of a well hapu. (Te Riorito 2017)
  4. A whanau who are rich in te reo Māori is not always a sign that the whanau are well. (Te Riorito 2017)
  5. Good leaders join networks so that their followers can have greater opportunities. Bad leaders develop walls so that outsiders can not get in and insiders can not get out.