Sir Wira Gardiner

  1. I wanted to find my English teacher from high school who told me at the age of 15 that I should leave and go an work on the railway because that is about my limit of capacity.RadioNZ
  2. When we built our house in Ruatoria we built the library first then the rooms for humans. RadioNZ
  3. I would describe myself in terms of achievement as more of a tortuous than a hare. I’m steady, plodding and keep on going while everyone else is having a rest. Think that is pretty much how i got to where I am now. RadioNZ
  4. Māori society has always recognised two types of leader, one who gets authority from his whakapapa and the other who is recognised for his achievements. pg 73. Graham Latimer a biography.
  5. Educational qualifications are not important for leadership in Maori society if the person has other qualities. pg 79 Graham Latimer a biography.